Sunday, December 20, 2009


You should so go and watch this movie if you haven't yet..... Its a total beauty !!!
I wouldn't ever dare describe ne movie as a beauty in terms of the screenshots after this I guess..... I do agree with those ppl who are critical about the storyline etc tht probably it wouldnt match their intellect.... but dudeeeeeeeee this movie is a beauty... I mean hats off to the visual effects team.... the color they chose....awesummmmmmm..... I dont knw wht tht kinda combination is called.... but black background with all those fluorescent pinks,purples,orabges and greens made it really beautiful... every scene was a visual beauty.... I dnt care abt the story if you show me sumthing this beautiful :D
and Plz dont watch it on ur comp/tv/laptop..... its totally worth the theatre.... Imax 3 D would be even better :D planning to do tht soon