Friday, February 27, 2009

Delhi 6

i didnt imagine i wud b starting my s with this movie.. coz i was actually waiting to start the blog with a good one
but this movie was so crappy tht i had to start off with it
the music was so fantastic and so awesum tht i probably had high expectations frm the movie... its ok even if u dnt meet expectations... but wht were u planning to show ???
riots? kala bandar tht attacked delhi sumtime say arnd 2000-2001- with indian idol being judged by javed akhtar..... cam waale mobile phones...and no consistency in time line with all those various news channels which probably wernt even up for airing during tht time!!!!
the music was fantabulous and probably tht was the only thing too !!
characters unjustified.... no end to characters... when a character is introduced which so much dhoom dhaam... u expect it to b imp in the movie apart frm jus giving bail to the hero when he is in jail and eating pan and taking him in an ambulence... yes.. i am talking abt rishi kapoor... why the hell was he thr?
and the ailing grandmother.... except one attack in india due to which a jagaran was organised.....i dnt see wht the end to her character was
i liked the chandini chowk shown in CCTC more than the one shown in this... the movie i dnt knw... didnt make ne sense to me.... frm no angle.... and amitabh ko agar jalebi hi khani thi toh ghar pe baith ke kha lete....guest appearances are no more seem with awe unless they mean sumthing in the movie...

sonam kapoor was beautiful most of the time in the movie... but she still needs to improve on her acting i thought..... she atleast looked more beautiful than she did in saawariya
abhishek.... oh please dont get me started off on him... dude !!! we knw u r indian.. and u have no accent wht so ever.... i remember the mumbai mirror reviewing the movie and saying sumthing like " it sounds like an accent caught at the airport" which is wht exactly it looks like ... though he hardly had ne dialogues whtever he spoke sounded all fake

and being a south indian i dnt knw wht kind of nostalgia this movie brings to those who lived in delhi at ne point in their life.... but atleast i heard sumone walk out of the movie saying "delhi is nothing like this bhabhi....plz dnt think this is wht delhi is"
so looks like the director failed there too
its jus a waste of money...atleast thts wht i thought... except for yeah... the music was awesum !!!