Sunday, December 20, 2009


You should so go and watch this movie if you haven't yet..... Its a total beauty !!!
I wouldn't ever dare describe ne movie as a beauty in terms of the screenshots after this I guess..... I do agree with those ppl who are critical about the storyline etc tht probably it wouldnt match their intellect.... but dudeeeeeeeee this movie is a beauty... I mean hats off to the visual effects team.... the color they chose....awesummmmmmm..... I dont knw wht tht kinda combination is called.... but black background with all those fluorescent pinks,purples,orabges and greens made it really beautiful... every scene was a visual beauty.... I dnt care abt the story if you show me sumthing this beautiful :D
and Plz dont watch it on ur comp/tv/laptop..... its totally worth the theatre.... Imax 3 D would be even better :D planning to do tht soon

Monday, November 30, 2009


Total timepass movie... like ne other college comedy of this genre... didn't like it tht much... but like I said not a bad timepass

Saturday, November 28, 2009

De Dana Dhan

Ok... Mr. Producer.... Listen to me carefully.... I paid the ticket price for Akshay Kumar ..... and you promised to give me a full on entertainment from him.... Could you please tell me wht happened after the interval? I thought he was locked in tht closet only for the interval time... I didnt know your director was going to lock him away inside for the rest of the movie !!!! I demand half the price I paid for my tickets to be refunded !!!! Seriously... isnt there nething tht we could do legally as consumers of a good... the good in this case being a movie. Every product has a costumer care to which you can write complaints if you are not satisfied with the item... and a few even have a money back scheme. What about movies? Aren't they supposed to be doing the same?

This was one crappy movie ...... you try to make ppl laugh with the same old jokes... it gets bugging after a point. Mr. Priyadarshan.... please do realise tht !!! I am begining to dread his movies now... either he makes lousy copies of gult movies which are horribly horrible or movies like this ( no bharosa tht this isnt a copy) which make no sense

Bikari akshay and suneel (who def dont dress up or behave like they are) get awesum rich girls like katrina and sameera (the part how they get is apparently happened b4 the movie starts...damn !!! wud have loved to see how) who keep changing their minds about whether they want to get married to them or no depending on whether they have money or no. well I aint denying tht i didnt laugh at a few places.... but well it was all thanks to akshay if I did tht.. but then he was locked up in the closet :(((((((((((((( y y y y y y??? he didnt giv u the dates?? demanded too much money?? or u thought u cud do better without him also???

and the climax is definetly the HIGHLIGHT of the movie !!! a hotel.... gets flooded... nothing less than a titanic scene...... and y is it flooded.... oh... nothing... simple reason.... the overhead tank explodes due to a misplaced bomb and HENCE the whole 10-15 storey hotel floods !!! I meant it... gets flooded... remember the scene in Titanic where the water enters the lower decks and you are sitting at the edge of your seats.... ditto ditto ditto !!! ... except that in this case we are just waiting for it to get over so tht we can leave the theatre

What bullshit are they selling to us these days.... seriously !!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani

The movie apparently is a copy of a Telugu movie called "Soggadu" .... dunno how far thts true coz i havent seen tht.... but if it is.... then i probably wudnt blame the script writer or director.... coz for telugu audience tht kind of comedy is good....but for a bollywood movie with Ranbir claiming he is illiterate and speaking broken english.... really doesnt fit u knw....
Katrina ... looks good as usual and nothing else.... seems like the directors prefer makin her this nri gal who doesnt speak proper hindi :P yeah ofcourse do they have an option? but well for this movie she is jus a christian who cant speak hindi :P
Ranbir is good...not bad actually.... he is so cute tht even a pink t looks non gay on him :P

overall.... bad storyline.... lame jokes... god knws for wht reason the papers seem to have all praises for it... only good thing atleast for me abt this movie apart frm good lookin hero/heroine was the cine diner experience :D

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Year One

I had to come back to write about this movie
Seriously LMAO thruout the whole movie...awesum awesum timepass movie.... and also storyline was probably weak.... but the comedy was absofuckinglutely fantastic i shud say
U wud probably enjoy it more with a grp of frnds
Jack Black and Michael Cera.... both were awesum.... perfect for their roles i shud say

My Sister's Keeper

Been a long time since i've givwn any movie reviews..... and also watched a movie (all by myself) after a loooooong time...hence comes the review...

A really touching movie i shud say....very beautiful....kept my eyes moist throughout the movie... I kind of guessed things but then it was still a very beautiful movie
I wish i had a sister....seriously.... u knw to share stuff and all... always wished i had one...and this movie jus makes me wish even more
wonderful acting by everyone i shud say.... especially Sophia and Abigail.... not like Cameron did a bad job or nething.... but these kids were jus marvelous...esp Sophia....
Generally not a fan of Drama...but this movie was absolutely worth a watch i shud say

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Movies movies and more movies

Decided to atleast list down the movies that i am currently watching

coz i seem to be postponing ever writing nething on this blog jus coz i wanna write the reviews properly :P

here is the list of the movies i have watched recently

Confessions of a Shopaholic - cute and sweet, a lil girly, but true enjoyment for every shopaholic (Comedy, Romance)

Night at the Museum 2 - Not as good a the first one i shud say.... loads of characters from the first part weren't used to their potential in this one...loads of new characters....but didnt enjoy them as much as i did those of the 1st part (Comedy)

Taken - really good movie.... with the right pace and the right amount of action....and really good action i shud say and a good storyline and wonderful acting by Liam Neeson (Thriller, Mystery, Action)

Varsity Blues - college comedy, timepass (Comedy, Drama)

Beerfest - weird movie but an ok one (Comedy)

Dumb and Dumber - Awesum awesum and just more awesum... Jim carry in his usual wonderfulness.... and its so dumbly cute...definetly recommended....netime !!! (Comedy)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Angels and Demons

not quite wht i expected i shud say
i understood only parts of Da Vinci Code when i saw it in the theatre but even then i liked it
this one isnt tht amusing though i understood it wholly
lil too direct
nothing twisted or a real thriller newhr
expected too much out of it i guess

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Monsters Vs Aliens

Watching this movie was an awesum experience.....99.99% due to the 3D effect... i had watched a movie earlier with the 3D glasses but i wa a kid then... didnt knw the diff... and now its just supercalifragilisticexpialidocious... i mean every scene was jus divineeee
i dnt think i am goin to describe the movie abt how it was or my true reviews coz i am still high on the feeling.. so high tht i am def gonna watch it again !!!
the first half was good even as a normal movie... but then again the second half was routine stuff with the good fighting the bad... the nice ones overpowering the bad ones and crap like tht
but a few things used in the movie were hilarious esp the crazy frog song....and the latte joke or even the identity proof thing for passing the gates... it was cute and nice :)

watch the movie on 3D screen onlyyyyyyyy !!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Delhi 6

i didnt imagine i wud b starting my s with this movie.. coz i was actually waiting to start the blog with a good one
but this movie was so crappy tht i had to start off with it
the music was so fantastic and so awesum tht i probably had high expectations frm the movie... its ok even if u dnt meet expectations... but wht were u planning to show ???
riots? kala bandar tht attacked delhi sumtime say arnd 2000-2001- with indian idol being judged by javed akhtar..... cam waale mobile phones...and no consistency in time line with all those various news channels which probably wernt even up for airing during tht time!!!!
the music was fantabulous and probably tht was the only thing too !!
characters unjustified.... no end to characters... when a character is introduced which so much dhoom dhaam... u expect it to b imp in the movie apart frm jus giving bail to the hero when he is in jail and eating pan and taking him in an ambulence... yes.. i am talking abt rishi kapoor... why the hell was he thr?
and the ailing grandmother.... except one attack in india due to which a jagaran was organised.....i dnt see wht the end to her character was
i liked the chandini chowk shown in CCTC more than the one shown in this... the movie i dnt knw... didnt make ne sense to me.... frm no angle.... and amitabh ko agar jalebi hi khani thi toh ghar pe baith ke kha lete....guest appearances are no more seem with awe unless they mean sumthing in the movie...

sonam kapoor was beautiful most of the time in the movie... but she still needs to improve on her acting i thought..... she atleast looked more beautiful than she did in saawariya
abhishek.... oh please dont get me started off on him... dude !!! we knw u r indian.. and u have no accent wht so ever.... i remember the mumbai mirror reviewing the movie and saying sumthing like " it sounds like an accent caught at the airport" which is wht exactly it looks like ... though he hardly had ne dialogues whtever he spoke sounded all fake

and being a south indian i dnt knw wht kind of nostalgia this movie brings to those who lived in delhi at ne point in their life.... but atleast i heard sumone walk out of the movie saying "delhi is nothing like this bhabhi....plz dnt think this is wht delhi is"
so looks like the director failed there too
its jus a waste of money...atleast thts wht i thought... except for yeah... the music was awesum !!!