Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani

The movie apparently is a copy of a Telugu movie called "Soggadu" .... dunno how far thts true coz i havent seen tht.... but if it is.... then i probably wudnt blame the script writer or director.... coz for telugu audience tht kind of comedy is good....but for a bollywood movie with Ranbir claiming he is illiterate and speaking broken english.... really doesnt fit u knw....
Katrina ... looks good as usual and nothing else.... seems like the directors prefer makin her this nri gal who doesnt speak proper hindi :P yeah ofcourse do they have an option? but well for this movie she is jus a christian who cant speak hindi :P
Ranbir is good...not bad actually.... he is so cute tht even a pink t looks non gay on him :P

overall.... bad storyline.... lame jokes... god knws for wht reason the papers seem to have all praises for it... only good thing atleast for me abt this movie apart frm good lookin hero/heroine was the cine diner experience :D

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