Saturday, November 28, 2009

De Dana Dhan

Ok... Mr. Producer.... Listen to me carefully.... I paid the ticket price for Akshay Kumar ..... and you promised to give me a full on entertainment from him.... Could you please tell me wht happened after the interval? I thought he was locked in tht closet only for the interval time... I didnt know your director was going to lock him away inside for the rest of the movie !!!! I demand half the price I paid for my tickets to be refunded !!!! Seriously... isnt there nething tht we could do legally as consumers of a good... the good in this case being a movie. Every product has a costumer care to which you can write complaints if you are not satisfied with the item... and a few even have a money back scheme. What about movies? Aren't they supposed to be doing the same?

This was one crappy movie ...... you try to make ppl laugh with the same old jokes... it gets bugging after a point. Mr. Priyadarshan.... please do realise tht !!! I am begining to dread his movies now... either he makes lousy copies of gult movies which are horribly horrible or movies like this ( no bharosa tht this isnt a copy) which make no sense

Bikari akshay and suneel (who def dont dress up or behave like they are) get awesum rich girls like katrina and sameera (the part how they get is apparently happened b4 the movie starts...damn !!! wud have loved to see how) who keep changing their minds about whether they want to get married to them or no depending on whether they have money or no. well I aint denying tht i didnt laugh at a few places.... but well it was all thanks to akshay if I did tht.. but then he was locked up in the closet :(((((((((((((( y y y y y y??? he didnt giv u the dates?? demanded too much money?? or u thought u cud do better without him also???

and the climax is definetly the HIGHLIGHT of the movie !!! a hotel.... gets flooded... nothing less than a titanic scene...... and y is it flooded.... oh... nothing... simple reason.... the overhead tank explodes due to a misplaced bomb and HENCE the whole 10-15 storey hotel floods !!! I meant it... gets flooded... remember the scene in Titanic where the water enters the lower decks and you are sitting at the edge of your seats.... ditto ditto ditto !!! ... except that in this case we are just waiting for it to get over so tht we can leave the theatre

What bullshit are they selling to us these days.... seriously !!!

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